ultraFluidX is a simulation tool for the prediction of the aerodynamic properties of passenger and heavy-duty vehicles, as well as for the evaluation of building and environmental aerodynamics.

Its cutting-edge technology, based on the Lattice Boltzmann Method is optimized for GPUs to deliver extreme performance. Therefore, a CUDA-capable NVIDIA GPU device is always required to run ultraFluidX.

Main features of ultraFluidX 2024 include:
  • D3Q27 Cumulant Lattice Boltzmann model for isothermal, unsteady 3D single-phase flows.
  • CUDA-aware MPI support for multi-GPU and multi-node usage.
  • Case Setup via Altair’s Virtual Wind Tunnel (support for box-shaped simulation domains).
  • Automated volume mesh generation with local grid refinement and support for baffle parts.
  • LBM-consistent Smagorinsky LES turbulence model and wall modeling.
  • Porous media model (pressure drop) for simulation of multiple heat exchangers.
  • Handling of rotating geometries via wall-velocity boundary conditions, a Moving Reference Frame (MRF) model, or truly rotating overset grids (OSM).
  • Support for moving floors (single and 5-belt system) and static floors with boundary layer suction.
  • Advanced post-processing capabilities, for example, window averaging, spatial drag/lift contribution, probe output and section cut output.