User actions

1. Export python and parametric python

From Part Factory, it is possible to export a python file that allows the user to build the Flux® model of the considered part. To do that, Altair® FluxMotor® provides a python file that must be used in Flux® environment. To see the process, refer to the chapter dedicated to Flux® environment.

Two models are proposed to be exported: one without user parameters, in which all dimensions are fixed and another one with all the parameters needed to build the part available for the users.

In both cases the resulting model (parameterized or not) is ready to be used in Flux® 2D environment.

How to export a python file to Flux® software environment?
1 From the top menu of Part Factory select “Export python” or “Export parametric python”.
2 A dialog box allows choosing the folder in which the python file will be stored.

2. Debug mode function

The Debug mode function is dedicated to solving of the problem with the use of Motor factory.

In case of a trouble, instructions will be given by our support team to use this function.

Undo function
1 Access to the “Debug mode” from the top menu of Part Factory.
2 Dialog box corresponding to the “Debug mode” function.

3. Exit

Closing Part Factory is possible

Exit – Close Part Factory
1 Close Part Factory from the top menu of Part Factory.
Close Part Factory by using the following icon on the right top part of the Part Factory panel.
* Close Part Factory by using the shortcut CTRL-Q defined in the user preferences (From the supervisor).

For more information, refer to the chapter “user’s preferences”.