Performing co-simulations with PSIM

The PSIMCoupler block lets you link a PSIM schematic to an Embed diagram to perform co-simulations, view co-simulation results, and edit the linked PSIM schematic.

Prerequisites: You must be running Embed Pro 64-bit and Altair PSIM must be installed on your computer with an active license.

Create graph file: Creates a Simview graph file. The default file format is binary. To change the file format to text, use Options > Settings in PSIM. To view the graph file in Simview as soon as the co-simulation ends, you must activate Run Simview.

Edit Schematic: Invokes PSIM and opens the schematic in the Schematic tab. After editing the schematic, click Apply Changes in the Schematic window to add your changes to the schematic; then click OK to save the schematic.

PSIM File Path: Specifies the path to the PSIM schematic to be linked to the Embed diagram. Click to select it. The file extensions for PSIM schematics are PSIMSCH and SCH. SCH indicates schematic files generated by old versions of PSIM. PSIM can load both SCH and PSIMSCH schematics; however, PSIM automatically saves all schematics as PSIMSCH files.

Run Simview: Opens the specified graph file in Simview. The first time you create a graph file and open Simview, the PSIM Properties dialog is displayed. Under Available Variables, select and add the variables to be plotted in Simview.

If Create graph file is not activated, Simview opens an empty schematic.

Reload Schematic: Reloads the PSIM schematic with the latest changes. If you have made changes to the schematic after you opened it in Embed, you must click Apply Changes and OK in the Schematic window.

Window area: Displays the current PSIM schematic that is either to be linked to the Embed diagram or available for editing. In order to edit the schematic, you must click Edit Schematic in the Main tab.

Apply Changes: Applies the changes you made to the schematic. After you click OK, you can then click Reload Schematic in the Main tab to use the new schematic in the next co-simulation.

OK: You must click OK when you initially link the PSIM schematic to the Embed diagram.

Examples of co-simulations with PSIM are in Examples > Blocks > Extensions > PSIMCoupler.