Ziegler PEM Material Database

The choice of suitable material pairs can avoid unexpected and undesirable noises occurring in products, as the phenomena can usually be traced back to the incompatibility of materials causing a stick-slip effect. An experience reinforced with over ten years of numerous research projects, ZIEGLER Instruments commands a wealth of know-how of such material pairs. The company has collected this knowledge into its leading Precise Expert Materials (PEM) database which consists of over 11,000 individual measurements and incorporates many of the common materials in the marketplace, all designed to help manufacturers to choose material pairs. The database is ideal for organizations that design products where unwanted noise can negatively affect customer satisfaction.

Altair and ZIEGLER have collaborated to enhance this Stick-Slip Material Database offering through the development of a user-friendly web portal that adds significant data exploration capabilities. This includes the ability to filter data using different criteria, the saving of favorite searches for easy re-access, comparison capabilities between materials using tables and visuals, and more.

Figure 1. Ziegler PEM Database