DFA Input

Before DFA verification, you must set the input checking item.

  1. From the menu bar, click Option > DFA > Input.
    The DFA Input dialog opens.
  2. In the DFA Input dialog, define parameters.
    The DFA Input dialog contains the following sections:
    • Component Classification Setting menu: Change the toggle mode between the checking item and component classification setting.
    • Check Item Category: PollEx DFA checking items.
    • Setting window: Checking item’s setting window.
    • Save: Save setting into DFA checking input file, *.dfai or *.dfaia.
    • Save As: Save setting into DFA checking input file as a different name.
    • Load: Upload saved DFA checking input file.
    • Start Checking: Start checking for selected items in Check Item Category.
    • Close: Close DFA Input dialog.