Define Component Density Input Settings

  1. Board Outline: Define the board geometry go get board area. You can use default board contour line layer’s data or certain layer’s data. To use as board contour, polygon geometry should be a closed loop.
  2. Keep Out Region: Define keep-out region or cutout area. The area defined here will be excluded from board-area-calculation.
  3. Component Placement: Select components or change component placement sides. To change component’s placement sides, activate Change Placement Side and click Define.
  4. Component Placement Effective Area: Set layer to calculate.
  5. Component Contour Definition: Check one of four given items. This will define the base of component size.
  6. Object Calculation Option: Select the Compute Object Option.
  7. Except Component Definition: Exclude some components from calculation.
  8. Test Point Definition: Define the test point.
  9. Result Option: Set the display unit and decimal point.
  10. Save/Load: Save and load the file (*.cds) set in Component Density.
  11. OK: Enter the setting value and click OK to display the Component Density Calculator window.