Capacity Postprocess

When a MIMO simulation is executed, only the channel transfer matrix and the correlation matrix are calculated. For the user to be able to see the overall capacity of the MIMO system, they first need to specify some parameters.

When the user selects the option "Capacity Postprocess", the following panel is shown:

Figure 1. Capacity post-process panel

In this panel, the user can specify multiple sets of the following parameters in the table:

  • The transmitted power per antenna defines the power, in dBm, that each active antenna transmits.
  • The temperature, in Kelvin, is the temperature in each of the passive (receiving) antennas. This temperature is used when determining the signal-to-noise ratio in the receivers using thermal noise.
  • The bandwidth is also used when calculating signal-to-noise ratio at the receiver. It represents the bandwidth over which the thermal noise is calculated.

When the user presses the "Calculate" button, the application will run a post-process to calculate the capacity of the MIMO system for each of the parameter sets configured in the table. The Process Log panel will appear showing the progress of the calculation.

Figure 2. Capacity post-process log

When the post-process has finished running, the user will be able to visualize the results using the options on the "Show Results -> MIMO Capacity" menu.