Pattern File Antenna

The Pattern File Antenna option is used to add pattern file antennas to the project.

Figure 1. Pattern File Antenna panel

To create a radiation pattern antenna using a pattern file, select a previously imported Pattern File using the File drop-down menu (see Import Pattern File). The Type and Polarization labels will display information about the currently selected pattern file antenna. For a particular pattern file antenna, the following options are available:

  • Components the amplitude and phase for the generated antenna.
  • Position the Cartesian center for the generated antenna. For a more precise mode, the pick-point mode can be enabled. Select Pick, then click anywhere in the 3D Panel. The position fields will be filled with the coordinates of the clicked point.
  • Orientation antenna rotation. There are multiple ways for setting the orientation.
    • Director Cosines manually set the director cosines for the dipole.
    • Spherical set the orientation using spherical system (theta, phi, alpha).
    • Rotation specify X, Y, and Z angles as degrees.
    • Z-Axis this option can be used for manually defining the local Z-axis of the dipole.
  • Relative to reference plane when this option is set, given coordinates and rotations are considered relative to the current relative plane. If this option is unchecked, it is assumed an unchanged relative plane.

Press Save to add the Pattern File to the project. It will be represented as a brown cone in the geometry view.

Figure 2. Pattern File Antenna added to the project