Version 1.6 (June 21, 2004)





Added 1 new library (Electrical.MultiPhase), 17 new components, improved 3 existing components in the Modelica.Electrical library and improved 3 types in the Modelica.SIunits library. Furthermore, this User's Guide has been started. The improvements in more detail:

New components

SaturatingInductor Simple model of an inductor with saturation
VariableResistor Ideal linear electrical resistor with variable resistance
VariableConductor Ideal linear electrical conductor with variable conductance
VariableCapacitor Ideal linear electrical capacitor with variable capacitance
VariableInductor Ideal linear electrical inductor with variable inductance
HeatingDiode Simple diode with heating port
HeatingNMOS Simple MOS Transistor with heating port
HeatingPMOS Simple PMOS Transistor with heating port
HeatingNPN Simple NPN BJT according to Ebers-Moll with heating port
HeatingPNP Simple PNP BJT according to Ebers-Moll with heating port
A new library for multi-phase electrical circuits

New examples

The following new examples have been added toModelica.Electrical.Analog.Examples:


Improved existing components

In the library Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Ideal,a knee voltage has been introduced for the componentsIdealThyristor, IdealGTOThyristor, IdealDiode in orderthat the approximation of these ideal elements is improvedwith not much computational effort.

In the Modelica.SIunits library, the following changes have been made:

Inductance min=0 removed
SelfInductance min=0 added
ThermodynamicTemperature min=0 added