Technical Support

Altair provides comprehensive software support via web FAQs, tutorials, training classes, telephone, and e-mail.

Altair One

Altair One ( is Altair's customer portal giving you access to the Marketplace, the Community, Managed Licenses, Altair Drive, My Apps, and the Learning Center. We recommend that all users create an Altair One account and use it as their primary portal for everything Altair.

Altair Community

Visit the Altair Community ( where you can participate in forums, share insights, access knowledge base articles, and contact Support. Once you login to the Altair Community, subscribe to the forums and user groups to get up-to-date information about release updates, upcoming events, and questions asked by your fellow members.

These valuable resources help you discover, learn and grow, all while having the opportunity to network with fellow explorers like yourself.

Once your Altair One account is set up, use this link to access the Altair support page:

Altair Learning

Altair’s in-person, online, and self-paced trainings provide hands-on introduction to our products, focusing on overall functionality. Trainings are conducted at our corporate and regional offices.

For more information visit:

If you are interested in training at your facility, contact your account manager or technical specialist for more details.

Telephone and E-mail

If you are unable to contact Altair support via the customer portal, you may reach out to technical support via phone or e-mail. Use the following table as a reference to locate the support office for your region.

Altair support portals are available 24x7 and our global support engineers are available during normal Altair business hours in your region.

When contacting Altair support, specify the product and version number you are using along with a detailed description of the problem. It is beneficial for the support engineer to know what type of workstation, operating system, RAM, and graphics board you have, so include that in your communication.

Location Telephone E-mail
Australia +61 3 9866 5557
Brazil +55 113 884 0414
Canada +1 416 447 6463
China +86 400 619 6186
France +33 141 33 0992
Germany +49 703 162 0822
Greece +30 231 047 3311
India +91 806 629 4500
Italy +39 800 905 595
Japan +81 3 6225 5830
Malaysia +60 32 742 7890
Mexico +52 55 5658 6808
New Zealand +64 9 413 7981
South Africa +27 21 831 1500
South Korea +82 704 050 9200
Spain +34 910 810 080
Sweden +46 46 460 2828
United Kingdom +44 192 646 8600
United Kingdom/Data Analytics +44 (0) 8081 892481

+44 203 868 0230
United States +1 248 614 2425
United States/Data Analytics +1-800-988-4739

+1 978.275.8350

If your company is being serviced by an Altair partner, you can find that information on our web site at

See for complete information on Altair, our team, and our products.