PollEx UDE Overview

PollEx UDE is an optimized unified management system for electrical design.

Unified Management System for Electrical Design

With UDE, you can establish a high quality and high efficiency development system through process, quality, cost and personnel innovation. Through establishing a system optimized for electrical design, automating the design and establishing a formalized process system to ensure high speed and quality competitiveness. UDE manages parts information from creation to discontinuity, design data and processes from schematic design to manufacturing and manages engineering BOM with various functions. It can be linked to the corporate system such as ERP or PLM to import or export data for parts and design information and supports you in finding a suitable part to use for design. And UDE improves design quality through applying verification tools in the development stage and productivity through applying manufacturing support system.
Figure 1.
PollEx Unified Part Management System (UPMS) is a module for standardizing and managing the libraries and parts catalog information used in electrical design. It prevents wasted budget caused by duplicate parts registration through managing unified parts. It manages part information from creation to disposal with its history.
Figure 2.
PollEx Unified Design Management System (UDMS) is a module for managing design data from creation to finish through managing each development process. It integrates and manages individual managed data by server system and provides automated creation system for development outputs. It has an automated verification system for suitability of parts and consistency between schematic, PCB and BOM.
Figure 3.

PollEx Unified BOM Management System (UBMS) is a module for generating BOM with the part list which is extracted in design check in process and supporting edit, report and manage variant functions.

Product Highlights

  • Web-based system that anyone who has a permission can access without any application (only a web-browser is needed).
  • Can be linked to any corporation system to exchange information. For example: ERP, PLM and HR system.
  • Works closely with PollEx verification and analysis to facilitate validation and analysis.


Saving Development Times
PollEx UDE can import any ECAD data and automatically generates needed outputs for each design stage. It provides a rapid process with decision making system and reduce development lead time through managing history and reusing design.
Reduce Total Cost
PollEx UDE provides real time cost calculation function and alternative parts information which make the material cost can be reduced. And the unintended loss can be reduced due to iterated works caused by human errors.
Design Efficiency
PollEx UDE improves design quality with various verification tools (PollEx DFM / DFE / DFA / DFE+) and prevents defectives caused by parts through central parts management. It also prevents knowledge loss caused by retirement or repositioning.