Save View Definition Dialog Box

To display the Save View Definition dialog box, click clip0057 on the Dynamic View Report page. Use it to save your report definition.

The Save View Definition dialog box contains the following items:

  • Name: Type the name of a view definition.

  • Document Type: Displays the document type the documents belong to.

  • Filters: Displays the filters set for the view.

  • Sorts: Displays the sorts set for the view.

  • Allow all users of the document type to use this view definition: Select this check box to make the view definition accessible for all document type users. Check box is shown when choosen model was shared.

  • Add: Click to save the view definition with a new name.

  • Save: Click to save or update the view definition.

  • Close: Click to close the Save View Definition dialog box without saving.

NOTE: View definitions depend on both the document type and the model; when a different model is selected, or a different document type is used, the set of available view definitions changes. This rule disregards whether the model was shared or uploaded locally: if it adheres to the view definition, it will be available.











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