XLS Summary View Page

The XLS Summary View represents a table with the summary information of a report. If the model for selected document type or document types has not summaries, a warning message appears.

To display a summary in an Excel worksheet, on the Document List or Report List page, click clip0021 on the toolbar, in the upper left corner of the page.

In the dialog box, select either the Open with Microsoft Excel option, or the Save File option, and click OK.

NOTE: Click Cancel, if you want to further customize the summary on the XLS Summary View page.

The XLS Summary View page allows you to display one or several xls-summaries in an Excel worksheet, for online documents only. If selected documents have different document types, a summary will not be displayed.

On the XLS Summary View page, you can customize the summary.

The XLS Summary View page contains the following items:

  • Views toolbar in the upper left corner of the XLS Summary View page is the same as the one available on the Document List or Report List page. It contains the following icons:

  • Customize: Click the heading to open a hidden section, allowing you to select a report model, summary, drill level, template, defined filter, and conjunction with dynamic filter (AND or OR), as well as to specify dynamic filters. For information on how to specify a dynamic filter, see Specifying dynamic filter.

  • Include formulas to facilitate editing in Excel: Select this check box to include formulas in the spreadsheet for the aggregated fields.

  • Include outlines to enable drill up/down in Excel: Select this check box to enable drill-in/drill-out functionality of the data in the Excel spreadsheet.

  • Use XLSX Excel spreadsheet format: Select this check box, to use the XLSX format for Excel output.

  • Execute Export: Click this button to apply the changes made in the Customize section. A dialog box will appear, where you can select either the Open with Microsoft Excel option, or the Save File option. Then click OK.






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