Specifying Dynamic Filters

To specify a dynamic filter

  1. In the Customize section that is made visible by clicking clip0025, under the Dynamic Filter heading, click plus_grey. A row of fields will appear.

  2. Select a Boolean operator (AND or OR) from the list. While the AND operator can be used to link search criteria of different index fields, the OR operator can only be used to link search criteria of the same index field.

  3. Select an field from the list. The list contains fields that are used in the selected document types.

  4. Select a relational operator: equal to (=), not equal to (<>), less than (<), greater than (>), less than or equal to (<=), greater than or equal to (>=), contains, ends with, starts with.

  5. Enter a value in the box. To select a value from the list of available values, click the drop-down arrow on the right.

  6. To add another condition of the same level, click plus_grey in the parent level and repeat steps 3-5.

  7. To add a nested condition, click plus_grey in the current level and repeat steps 1, 3-5.

  8. To apply the dynamic filter, click Apply.


  • To remove a condition, click close_grey.
  • You can save this combination of search conditions, by clicking the Save Filter button. Next time when you search for documents, you can apply this filter, by selecting it from the drop-down list, and clicking the Add Filter button.







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