Native View Page

The Native View page displays documents in exactly the same format as they were filed into the system. This is useful for processing any file or document that does not require index values, extraction, and mining from its content.

Native documents require licensing of this option. To display native documents, the client’s computer will require a viewer (for example, XLS documents will require MS Excel application or viewer).

To display documents on the Native View page

When viewing document search results:

  1. On the Document List, click the name of a native document.

  2. Click clip0085 on the toolbar, in the upper left corner of the page.


When viewing report search results:

  1. On the Report List, click the name of a native document.

  2. Click the clip0085 icon that will appear by its name.


On the Native View page, you can:

  • Manage document states.

  • Save the document to your computer by clicking the Download button.






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