Reports List

The Reports List makes it easier for Monarch Server users to access the reports and data they intend to retrieve. The Reports List reduces the number of mouse clicks to the desired data view.

To display the Reports List, select the Report Search tab at the top of the page.

The Reports List contains the following items:

  • Search Conditions section with the following options:

    • Report Date: Specify the date range.

    • Latest Reports: Select the check box, to include all reports that were added to the system during the last filing.

    • Search by Group: Select a document group from the drop-down list.

    • Filter Report Name: Type a report name to filter the list.

    • Reset button: Click to clear the boxes.

  • Edit Visible Fields section: Click the heading to open a hidden section, allowing you to select table columns to be displayed. To display a column in the table, select the check box by its name. To hide a column, clear the check box by its name.

  • Apply button: Click to apply changes, made in the Search Conditions and Edit Visible Fields sections.

  • Open View button: Click to open the dialog box, allowing you to select a saved view. Click Default View in the dialog box to display a view with default settings.

  • Save View button: Click to save the current view with its settings. In the dialog box, enter the name of a view and click Add, if you want to create a new view. If you want to save changes made to the current view, click Save.

  • Views toolbar: When you click a report name in the table, the Views toolbar appears:clip0091

Use this toolbar to display the report in one of the following available views:


Report View


Dynamic View


Data View


Summary View


XLS Data View


XLS Summary View


PRF View


ES Style View


ES Report Style


ES Style PDF


Archive Report

For offline reports some views are unavailable:


You can send a request for offline reports, by clicking an icon on the toolbar. The Request Offline Reports dialog box will appear. Click Send to send the request.

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