Configuration Reports

Configuration reports provide information about the current configuration of various parts of the Monarch Server system, such as the existing roles, users, and so on. You can generate the following types of configuration reports:

  • Product License: Displays the product licensee, the product expiration date (if any), etc.

  • Storage Groups: Lists the existing storage groups, their assigned volumes, their location, etc.

  • Document Groups: Lists the existing document groups, their assigned document type(s), their encoding, their index and report models, etc.

  • Index Fields: Lists the existing index fields, and provides their ID numbers, type and length limit.

  • Roles: Lists the existing roles and their assigned user groups and users.

  • User Groups: Lists the existing user groups, their assigned users, and their privileges.

  • Users: Lists the existing users, their e-mail addresses, and their locked privileges.

  • Maintenance Tasks: Lists the existing maintenance tasks, their last start and finish dates, etc.

  • Filing Tasks: Lists the existing filing tasks, their last start and finish dates, etc.

  • Security: Lists user’s security attributes.

  • Model Indexes: Reports on problems where mapping of Monarch model fields does not correspond to index fields due to model changes subsequent to document type configuration.

  • Document Type Security:  Lists all existing users, groups and roles the document type is available for.

To generate configuration reports

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click System Reports, and select Configuration. The Configuration Reports page appears.

  2. On the Configuration Reports page, click the link that corresponds to the desired report type.



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