Running a Process

Automator provides several methods by which you can run a process.

Process can be run:

  • Manually: You can run a process manually by clicking the Run Now iconRun now in the corresponding row. Automator will then generate and execute a job (or jobs) for the process.

NOTE: If the Config service is not available and you are using Altair licensing, Automator processes will be switched to "Limp Mode." In this mode, you can run only one process (i.e., one Standard Process and one Visual Process) every hour. Moreover, you cannot run a Visual Process that involves other Standard or Visual Processes. Limp Mode is deactivated once the Config service becomes available.

  • Via a process schedule: When you configure a process schedule, you specify a day and time for the process to run.

Note: You can specify multiple schedules for a process if desired.

  • Via an input file specification: An input file specification instructs Automator to monitor a particular location for a certain input file (or for any file of a specified file type), and to trigger the running of the associated process when the input file arrives there.

NOTE: If a corresponding job for a process fails to run, refer to When a Job Fails to Run. You should also view the job's log file, as they may indicate why the job failed.














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