A job is the resulting task of one or more projects that comprise the associated process. When a process runs, it ultimately spawns one or more jobs, with each job appearing as a row on the Automator Standard Processes Jobs page.

The number of jobs a process creates is determined by the following:

  • Whether the one project per job or the multiple projects per job setting is selected on the General tab of the Process Properties page

  • The number of input files assigned to the project on the Monitoring tab.

  • Whether all in a single job or each in its own job is selected in the project file.

The Jobs page displays the following information:

  • The job’s unique ID number

  • The name of its associated process

  • The status of the job

    • Registered

    • Process resolving Web addresses in a manifest

    • Process is running PreProcess script

    • Process ready to run

    • Process awaiting entry after a failed run attempt

    • Process failed and not scheduled for retry

    • Process canceled before jobs were launched

    • Job ready to be dispatched

    • Job deferred while a parallel job was running

    • Job running

    • Export failed and will be retried

    • Job completed without errors

    • Job failed

    • Job canceled before completion

    • Dispatcher host is not responding (a job has been executed on a host that is currently not responding)

    • Orphan job (a job has been executed on a host that does not exist in the current configuration)

  • The name of the server on which the job was processed

  • The date and time when the job was registered

  • The date and time when the job was last processed.

  • The duration of job execution.

To view this page, on the Navigation Tree,  click Automator > Standard Processes and select Jobs.

You can delete, cancel and re-run jobs that have failed (due to process prerequisites that haven't been met, for example).

  • To view the jobs log, click the View Job Log icon View log. In the Logs page, you can view the progress of an export (shown as a percentage) under Project Outputs.

  • To re-run a job, click the Re-run icon  Run now.

  • To reload the jobs list, click the Reload Grid icon Reload grid.

NOTE: You can filter the jobs by job ID, process name, status, location, date/time registered, and date/time last processed by using the corresponding fields in the column headings.

The following filter settings are available:












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