Email Distribution Action

To add an email action

  1. Select the Email option on the Action page.

  2. Specify the recipients' email addresses in the corresponding boxes: From, To, Cc, Bcc. To select recipients from the contacts list, click the Contacts icon Pump Contacts icon. The Find Contacts window will appear. In the Find Contacts window:

    1. Select the Look In criteria from the following:

      • Internal:  Select from contacts specified in the Automator Contacts.

      • Active Directory: Selects from contacts specified in the active directory.

      • Domino Notes: Select from contacts specified in Domino notes.

    2. Select the Search Criteria from the following options: Name, Email, Contains, Is,Starts with, Ends with.

    3. Click the Find Now button, to display all the available contacts according to the specified criteria.

    4. Select the necessary contacts from the Available Contacts list.

    5. Click Save to insert specified recipients.

  3. Type the message subject in the Subject box.

NOTE: You may use the naming macros to provide a subject line for an email distribution. To do this, click the Insert Macro icon naming macros.zoom80 and select the naming macros from the drop-down list.

  1. Type the message in the text box.

  2. Select the Attach files check box to attach a file for the distribution.

  3. Select the Zip check box to archive the attached files. The Zip Options drop-down arrow will appear.

  4. Under Zip Options provide the following information:

    • Specify the compression type from the following: None, Medium, Maximum.

    • Select the Store directory path check box if necessary.

    • Select the Password check box to set the password.

  5. Select the Attach links check box to attach a link to file.

NOTE: Please specify the Admin Host and Port and Client Host and Port information in the System Settings.

  1. Select the One file per mail check box to attach only one file per mail.

  2. Select the email priority from the following:Low, Normal, High.

  3. Click Save to save the action.


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