Default Index Values

You can have a default index value automatically assigned to each document in a report file. A default index value is a value you specify for an index field that does not occur within a given report. A default index value, therefore, will not change from document to document in a given report file. Typically, you would use a default index value as a document indicator, much in the same way as a "stamp" for a document. A default index value is automatically assigned to each document during the archive process.

NOTE: The use of default index values is optional.

For example, let’s say you have 10 report files coming in every month, each one containing the sales information of one of 10 different sales regions. The region number does not appear in the report, but you would like that information to be associated with each document. You could create an index field called Region Number and assign it to the document type. As reports for each region are processed, the appropriate value for region number would be assigned to each of the report files as a default index value. All documents generated from this report file will have the default index value assigned to them. You can use default index values as search criteria, as if they were ordinary index values. Thus if you searched for information about Region 3, all the documents in the report file could be part of the search results.

To specify a default index value

  1. Create a new index field (for which you'll subsequently specify the default value, see step 3 below).

  2. Assign the index field to the appropriate document type

  3. Configure a filing task to archive the document type into the report warehouse. When scheduling the filing task, on the Filing Task page, click the Index Defaults tab at the top of the page to display the Edit Index Defaults page, then fill in the boxes.

  4. Run the filing task.










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