Index Fields

An index field is a field within a document type that is used as an identifier. Document retrievals are based on these fields of information. For example, an index field for a purchase order could be Purchase Order Number, while index fields for employee records might be Social Security Number and Employee Name.

While an index field is a particular field within a document type, an index value (also called a keyword value) is a specific value of an index field. For example, Q197-4112 could be an index value for a Purchase Order Number index field, and 123-45-6789 could be an index value for a Social Security Number index field.

Monarch Server uses index fields to locate and retrieve documents according to index values. For example, if a user entered an index value of 123-45-6789 for a Social Security Number index field, the index value is used to locate documents for the individual with this social security number.

The first step in creating index fields is to open a report in Monarch and create traps to extract the desired fields of information (for example, invoice numbers, customer names, ship dates, and so on). Then you save the index fields in a model file. (For detailed information on this process, consult the Altair documentation.) When adding a document type to the Monarch Server system, you assign Monarch Server index fields to it and specify which model file you want to associate with it. Then you map the Monarch Server index fields with the ones in the associated model file. Monarch Server users will then be able to use the index fields and values to retrieve documents from the report warehouse.

All indexes used in the system are listed on the Indexes page. To display this page, click Report Warehouse on the Navigation Tree, then click Document Management and select Index Fields.

Use this page to add, edit, remove indexes from the list, or import index fields from existing models.

It is possible to save the index fields' values (index values) in encrypted format using the Encipher option.

Also the Enable index selection option is available for index fields to enable or disable access to the index values in MSClient application.













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