About Security Keywords

Security keywords provide a way of limiting the documents within a document type that a user can retrieve.

NOTE: If you don't want a user to retrieve any documents of a particular document type, you can remove that document type from the user. Secured keywords can be assigned to roles, user groups and users. When you assign a security keyword to a role, user group or user, the specified users can only retrieve documents that meet the criteria of the security keyword. No other documents of the specified document type can be retrieved by them.

For example, you have a Homes for Sale document type and you specify Home Location = Lowell as a security keyword (Home Location being an index field, and Lowell being an index value) for a particular user. As a result, the user can only retrieve documents of the Homes for Sale document type, in which Lowell occurs in the Home Location index field. Documents with Home Location other than Lowell (for example, Leominster or Fitchburg) are not available to the user.

See also Assigning Security Keywords to Roles, User Groups or Users.



















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