Naming Fields

Monarch Classic displays the name of each field on the table header

  1. Select Field List from the Table Design ribbon. The Field List window displays. This window displays the properties for all fields in the table, including the field names, which are listed in the second column.

  2. To rename a field, click on the appropriate Field Name cell to place the cell in an edit context. Type a new name for the field or edit the existing name. After editing the field name, press Enter or click outside the cell to accept the changes.

    Note: If the new field name violates Monarch Classic’s field naming rules, or is a duplicate of another field name, Monarch Classic will display an error message to inform you of the problem. After clearing the error box, you may change the field name to correct the error or press Escape to restore the previous field name.

  3. Repeat step 2 to rename additional fields.

  4. Click Accept to close the  Field List window and apply the field name changes to the table.


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