Opening a Model File

To start a Monarch Classic session you will typically select a data source first, either a report file (File tab, Open, then Report) or an external database (File tab, Open, then Database) from which you may import data. After you have performed this step, you will create a new model or open an existing model.

Note: Beginning with Monarch Classic version 10, model files can now be opened before a data source. See Opening a Model Before a Data Source for more information.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Go to File tab, select Open, then Model. This opens a model only.

    • Go to File tab, select Open, then Project. This opens a model and its associated reports.

  2. Select a file from the list, then click Open.

If your data source is a report or a series of reports, the Report View is updated to reflect the effects of the model.

If you are importing data from an external database, you can now continue defining the external database.





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