Zooming In and Out in Report View

You can zoom in or out by using the zoom slider or selecting a larger or smaller font size in Report view.

Zooming in or out using the zoom slider

  1. Click the Zoom slider at the bottom-right corner of the screen:

  2. Slide to the percentage zoom setting you want.

Zooming in or out using font size

  1. Click the drop-down button on the font size box: on the Report View ribbon. The Monarch Classic displays the available font sizes for the selected font (from a minimum of 6 points to a maximum of 20 points).

  2. To zoom in (display larger characters but see less data on screen), select a larger font size. To zoom out (view more data on screen), select a smaller font size.

Note: The available font sizes may vary depending upon the font selected. If the size you want is not available, use the Toolbar’s Font selection box to select another font.

Fixed-Pitch vs. Proportional-Pitch Fonts

Only fixed-pitch fonts are available in the Report window. Monarch Classic doesn't allow proportional-pitch fonts in the Report window because their use would cause columns to be misaligned on screen.

Note: Proportional-pitch fonts are available in the Table and Summary windows.

Using Zoom to Fit

Click Zoom to Fit on the Report View Ribbon Quick Reference. This will zoom the report to fit on the document window.





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