Refreshing Imported Data

When working with data imported from an external database, Monarch Classic does not maintain a live connection to the external database. Instead, it imports a copy of the data and then closes the connection to the external database. While working with the data in your Monarch Classic session, you may find it desirable to occasionally refresh the data from the external database, especially if the database is updated on a constant basis.

For example, if you are using Monarch Classic to analyze data from a database that includes financial information, such as current quotes on equities or other financial instruments, the data in the database may be constantly updated throughout the day while the markets for those instruments are open. At any point, you can refresh the data to yield an up-to-date analysis. In this example, you might not need to refresh the data if you have not done so since the markets closed, since the data will not likely change until the next business day.

To refresh data imported from an external database, Select Rebuild Data View from the Table View ribbon.

Monarch Classic will discard its internal table, forcing a rebuild of the entire session. All imported and external lookup fields are also rebuilt.





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