Working with the Audit Trail

Monarch Classic keeps an Audit Trail of events in the Model and Project files.

The audit trail records the Author and the time, as well as changes to objects such as the settings, the creation, editing and deletion of templates, fields, filters, sorts, summaries, etc. The Audit Trail also shows you the changes you have made in the current Monarch Classic session, which will be saved when you save the Model or Project.

By design, Monarch Classic’s Audit Trail cannot be disabled.

Reviewing the Audit Trail

The Audit Trail can be viewed from the Home window.

The Audit Trail shows the following information:




The data and time the audit event occurred.


The type of audit event that occurred. Can be:

  • Created shows that a model or project was created.

  • Saved shows the changes that occurred when a model or project was saved or copied from another model or project. The source model or project is also displayed.

  • Purged shows that the model or project audit trail was purged using the Monarch Classic Utility.


The active Author at the time of the event

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