Using the Auto-Define Fields Feature

Monarch Classic includes an Auto-Define Fields button, which is a special button that automatically highlights fields in your template. It uses Monarch Classic's built-in parsing and data recognition capabilities to determine where fields begin and end.

Note: Though you can use this capability as a jump start when highlighting fields in your templates, you should not rely upon this feature exclusively, as Monarch Classic cannot predict which fields you might want to extract and which you want to leave out. Monarch Classic can not also deal with the subtleties of report design that allow fields to wrap onto multiple lines or to overlap one another.

  1. Define at least one trap for the line you wish to capture.


  2. Click Auto-Define Fields on the Report Design ribbon. Monarch Classic will automatically highlight what it detects as fields on the sample line:


    Double-check that Monarch Classic has defined all your fields correctly. Ensure that the fields' formats and display widths have been identified correctly.

    If you need to make changes, click on a field on the sample line and select the Edit Field button.

  3. If you wish to edit a field properties, click on the field and modify its properties on the Field Properties panel.




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