Using Fonts to Zoom In or Out of Table View

You can zoom in or out by selecting a larger or smaller font size for the Table window.

  1. On the Table View ribbon, click the drop-down button on the font size box.


  2.  Monarch Classic displays the available font sizes for the selected font (from a minimum of 6 points to a maximum of 20 points).

  3. To display larger characters but see less data on screen (i.e., to zoom in), select a larger font size. To view more data on screen (i.e., to zoom out), select a smaller font size. The available font sizes may vary depending upon the font selected. If the size you want is not available, use the font drop-down list to select another font.

Note: Although Monarch Classic allows only fixed-pitch fonts in the Report window, proportional-pitch fonts can also be used in the Table and Summary windows.




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