Template Editor

Use the Template Editor to define a data extraction template. The template editor has the following elements:




[ 1 ] Action Bar

Displays all the tools you need to define a template. Refer to The Template Action Bar for details.

[ 2 ] Trap Line

Allows you to define your trap. Position you cursor over a character in the sample line and then select a trap.

[ 3 ] Sample Line

Displays a sample line from the report. This sample line is used as the basis for defining the trap. Select a sample that best represents the particular line type (e.g. report detail or report header) of the report.

[ 4 ] Report Sample

Displays the pages of the current report. Use the scroll bar to view other report pages.


To display this editor:

  1. Select the Report tab to go Report View.

  2. Select Report Design on the Report View ribbon.


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