Suppressing Accumulated Unmatched Values in Summaries

For any summary that uses matching values, such as a Top 10 summary, Monarch Classic allows you to suppress the display and export of the accumulated unmatched values (i.e., the "All Others" line). This is useful, for example, when exporting to a database where the data is unnecessary.

Depending on the type of matching you specify, you can suppress accumulated unmatched values by either discarding them or hiding them.

  1. When specifying key values for a summary, on the Matching tab of the Summary Keys Window, select First N values: to display this section:


    or select Values from table to display this section:


    or Measure Limit to display this section:


  2. Select one of the following radio buttons:

    • Discard and exclude from totals: Select to discard the unmatched values. They will not be included in calculations and they won't be displayed in the summary. Note: This option is not allowed for First n and Measure Limit matching.

    • Hide but include in totals: Select to hide all unmatched values without discarding them. If you choose to hide the unmatched values, they are included in calculations, but they are not displayed in the summary.

    • Note: You should be aware that if your summary includes a Total line, it represents the total of all the values, including the hidden ones, not just the ones that are displayed. For this reason, in most cases you should not include a total line in a summary if you are using First n or Measure Limit matching and the Hide unmatched value rows option is selected. With Specified Values and Upper Limit Values matching, values that do not match are actually discarded from the calculations, not simply hidden, so the total will be correct for all the visible values.    

  3. Select Accept.

  4.  If you prefer not to suppress the accumulated unmatched values, you can have them displayed in the summary under an All Others label (or the label of your choice). To do so, simply clear the Discard or Hide Unmatched Value Rows check box.




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