Overview: Working with Project Files

The purpose of a project file is to save time by reducing the number of steps required to restore a Monarch Classic session. To accomplish this, a project file stores information about the current Monarch Classic session, including information about the session’s data source (either one or more report files or an external database), the path and filename of the model file, the name of the active filter, sort order and summary, and the currently displayed Monarch Classic window (Report, Table, or Summary). As of Monarch Classic version 8, data from user-edited fields are also stored. To restore a Monarch Classic session, you load Monarch Classic and open the corresponding project file.

Opening a project file and restoring a saved Monarch Classic session

  1. Launch Monarch Classic.

  2. Select File tab, Open, then Project to display the Open Project dialog.

Note: Selecting File tab, Open will also bring you to the Open Project dialog. By default, Monarch Classic opens a project if you do not specify an object type to open.

  1. Choose the project file from the list, then choose Open.

Monarch Classic loads the project file, restoring the saved session.

Saving projects

  1. Select File tab, Save As, then Project. (Note: If you have previously saved the current project and you want to save the updates you have made to it,  select File tab, Save, then Project instead.) The Save Project As dialog displays.

  2. Enter a name for the project file in the File Name box or select an existing project file to overwrite.

  3. Choose Save to save the project file.

Project file restrictions

A project file contains only references to a Monarch Classic session’s data source and model file; it does not encapsulate the data source or model file into the project file. If you have deleted or renamed the data source or model file referenced  by the project, the project will be unable to restore the Monarch Classic session.

This is also true if you move the project file to a system that does not have access to the data source or model file, giving a project file limited portability beyond the system on which it was created.

If the project file and any associated dependencies have been moved to a different folder, Monarch Classic will attempt to find them automatically, but if it cannot do so, it will present a Missing Files Dialog to help resolve any missing references.





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