Resolve Missing Project Files Dialog

This dialog lists all of the missing files expected by a project.

This dialog displays when you open a project and Monarch Classic cannot locate files that are needed, such as models and/or reports.


Do one of the following:

  • Check the appropriate boxes to ignore the missing files and then click OK. You can then use the Open Report or Open Model options to load a new or different file.

  • Tell Monarch Classic to use a different file or look for the missing file in a different location:

    1. Click the Use a Different File column beside the file you want to substitute or locate:


    2. Click the Browse file (Folder icon) on the active cell. The standard Open File dialog displays.

    3. Navigate to the correct file location and select the file.

    4. Select OK to close the Open File dialog.

    5. Select OK again to close the Resolve Missing Project Files dialog.




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