Navigating Tables

Tables open in the Prepare window may be easily navigated in a number of ways.

Navigation controls

The following controls have been enabled in Monarch Data Prep Studio to allow quick movement through a table.

  • Ctrl + Home – Go to first cell of the first row of the table

  • Ctrl + End – Go to the last cell of the last row of the table

  • Ctrl + Right arrow – Go to right-most cell in the current row

  • Ctrl + Left arrow – Go to the left-most cell in the current row

Searching for data

You can search for specific data in tables by using the Search field located at the bottom of your workspace. Enter the string you would like to search for and then either press Enter on your keyboard or click the Search for Next button located to the right of this field. The first cell including the string you are searching for is highlighted. Keep pressing Enter or clicking the Search for Next button to locate all instances of this string. To reverse the search direction, click on the Search for Previous button.


Working with rows

The row number of any given table is provided at the bottom of your workspace.

To go to a specific row in your table, simply enter the row number you wish in the row field provided. To go to the first and last rows of the table, click on the First Row and Last Row buttons, respectively. Similarly, the Previous Page and Next Page buttons take you to views of previous and next pages of data, respectively.

Clicking any of these buttons or entering a row number highlights a corresponding row in your table. Right-clicking on this highlighted row displays a context menu:

The following operations are available:



Copy/Copy With Headers

Copies row values only or row values with column headers to the clipboard.

Create Table from Selection

Creates a new table based on the highlighted rows and the corresponding columns in an existing table.

Set Row as Column Headers

Replaces the current column headers with values from the selected row.

Find in Report

Allows you to jump to the report line that matches the content of the selected row. Selecting this operation brings you to the Report View, where the content of the selected row from the table is highlighted in the report shown. 

Note: This operation is only available for tables whose sources are PDF and report documents.

Meanwhile, you can increase row heights by selecting the Row Height button to fit multi-line data into your rows.


Showing nulls and whitespace characters

Two buttons, which appear at the lower right-hand corner of the Prepare window, have been enabled in Monarch Data Prep Studio to help you visualize your data better. The Show Nulls button helps you see null values (i.e., empty fields). Clicking on the Show Whitespace Characters button displays spaces, tab indents, and line breaks between text characters; these indicators are displayed as , , and , respectively.





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