Function: Val


Converts a string to a number. The string must begin with a numeric character or a negation sign. If the string contains any non-numeric characters (apart from a decimal point) the function will convert the numeric portion of the string up to the first non-numeric character it encounters.




string is the string to convert. This argument can be a constant, a character field, an expression that results in a string or a function that returns a string.

Return value

This function returns a number.

Calculated field example

If the Prod_code field contained the value of PZ-123B, the following calculated field expression would return 123: Val(Substr(Prod_code,4,3))

Filter/Find example

Records with a Prod_code field value of TC-789A or RB-800C can be selected or found using the expression: Val(Substr(Prod_code,4,3))>=789

Note: These examples incorporate the Substr function to extract a substring from a string.




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