Function: Substr


Extracts a substring of a specified length and starting position from a string. Note: The position of the substring and its length must be specified.


Substr(string,starting position,length)


string is the string containing the substring.

starting position specifies the starting position of the substring.

length specifies the length of the substring.

Note: If the number of characters specified is larger than the number of characters available, the substring is extracted to the end of the string.

Return value

This function returns a character string.

Calculated field example

If the Prod_code field contained the value of PZ-123B, the following calculated field expression would return 123: Substr(Prod_code,4,3)

Filter/Find example

Records with a Prod_code field value of TC-789A or RB-789C can be selected or found using the expression: Substr(Prod_code,4,3)="789"





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