Exporting Data to Tableau Server

Monarch Data Prep Studio allows you to export to or update existing data sources in Tableau Server. To facilitate exports to this application, provide the necessary information (e.g., server URL, username, password, etc.) in the Server > Tableau Server sub-tab of the Application Default Settings dialog.

Note that, to enable successful exports to Tableau Server, you also need to have installed the Tableau TABCMD program. TABCMD is a command-line utility that allows users to automate administrative tasks on your Tableau Server site. Click here to download and learn more about the utility.

  1. To begin your export, go to the Export Window, click the Add Export button of the table you wish to export to Tableau Server, and then, from the options that display, select Tableau Server.

  2. Confirm the details of the indicated Tableau Server (the information here will depend on the server details you indicated in the Application Default Settings dialog) in the Export Properties panel.


  3. Enter all of the required information:



    Export Location

    Specify a path and name in which to export the .tde file.

    Data Source Name

    Enter a name for the data source. This will be the name that will be displayed on the server.


    Leave this blank.

    Publish Type

    Select an action to perform if the table you are publishing already exists in the server:

    • Overwrite

    • Append

    • Replace


    Specify a filter to apply to the table, if applicable.


    Specify a sort to apply to the table, if applicable.

    When file exists

    Select an action if the file you are exporting to already exists in the export location specified:

    • Overwrite

    • Skip


  4. If you wish to export your table to a different server site, you can modify the details specified in the server fields, including server address, username, password, and path to the TABCMD utility. To revert to the default values provided in the Application Default Settings dialog, click the Apply Defaults button. If you wish to edit your default values, click the Edit Defaults button instead. Note that the path to the TABCMD utility, by default, cannot be edited from the Export window. The path to this utility can only be edited in the Application Default Settings dialog.

  5. Click the Export button when you are ready to export.



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