Database Fields Window

The Database Fields Window allows you to view or edit External Database properties.

To access this window, select Database from the Table Design Ribbon.

This window also contains a Data Preview tab that allow you to view a subset of the records in the database.

Import Fields tab

Use this tab to select the columns that you want to add to the Monarch Classic Table window.




This column includes a check box for each source column that is available. For each source column you want to import into Monarch Classic, select the check box adjacent to the source column’s name.

Source Name

This list box includes the names of all columns that are available from the external database. To import a column into the Monarch Classic Table View, select the check box to the left of it. You can also sort source names alphabetically by clicking on the Sort icon.

Table Window Name

This column displays the name that Monarch Classic will assign to each column that is imported from the external database. Note: When you select a check box for a column in the Source Name list, a default table window name is displayed in the corresponding column. You can change the default name by clicking on it and typing a new one.

Select All

Use this button to toggle all of the Select check boxes on or off.

Name Prefix

Enter the desired name prefix (optional). This string will be prefixed to each Table Window name that is subsequently generated. For example, if you wanted each field to be prefixed with some string, you would type the string into this box, then press "Select All". This would then select all import fields and automatically assign them names with the specified prefix.

Replace nulls with default values

Select to replace any null strings, numbers or dates with default values of empty strings, zeros and default dates (1/1/1970), respectively.

Text Parameters: First row contains column names

Check this box if you want the first row of the data to be column names.

Import Filter tab

Use this tab to create a filter expression to be applied to the table data you are importing.




Displays a list of all fields available for use in your filter expression. Note: When you select a field and hold down the mouse button, its field type displays in the bottom box of the dialog.


Displays a list of the operators available for use in the filter expression. The operators list also includes parenthesis, braces (to enclose date values), quotes (to enclose character strings) and special comments brackets. Note: When you select an item in the Operators list and hold down the mouse button, a brief description of the item displays in the bottom box of the dialog.


Displays a list of functions you can use within the filter expression.

Enable Filter

Check this box to allow you to define and apply the filter to the database.


Accepts a valid filter expression. Filter expressions may be up to 32768 characters in length and may include field names and operators. For more information, see Creating expressions.





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