Auto-Define Trap Window

Use this window to view the results of an auto-define trapping procedure, and to make any modifications to those results.  

This dialog displays when you click the Auto-Define Trap button on the Report Design ribbon.

Window options



Apply Changes

Applies the traps based on the currently selected lines (i.e., the ones whose Target check boxes are selected). If you make any changes to the automatically selected lines, e.g., if you clear or select any of the Target boxes, then you should click this button to have Monarch Classic recalculate the traps.

Page navigation buttons

Allows to move the first, previous, next, or last page of the report.


Displays the line number of each line in the report.


Adds the adjacent line to those currently trapped. Trapped lines are highlighted in gray and their Target check boxes are selected. If you clear the Target check box, the line will no longer be trapped.   


Displays each line in the report. Lines successfully trapped by the auto-define trap feature are highlighted in gray. To add a line to those which are trapped, click the adjacent Target check box.

Zoom Slider


Allows sliding to the left or right to zoom the report (i.e., make text smaller or larger).


Saves the current settings and closes the dialog.


Cancels any changes and closes the dialog.


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