Altair Squeak and Rattle Director 2023 Release Notes

New Features

Reposition RBE3s of an E-point
Through the Manage E-point context, the Move RBE3 functionality which allows for repositioning of the RBE3s of a realized E-points is accessible.


Select Working Directory
If the model exists in a session before entering the SnRD ribbon, you will be prompted to select the working directory which is a prerequisite for the loadcase creation workflows.

Resolved Issues

  • When combining loadcases, the Punch file is now requested as output for the new loadcase.

Known Issues

The following known issues will be addressed in future releases as we continuously improve performance of the software:
Contour plots for multiple loadcases cannot be shown at the same time in window
Eline with Single point connector will not be able to reimport
Comparing Squeak Results from multiple load cases is not supported
Comparing multiple load cases from different files with same load case ID is not supported
Combined Loading with a model which only consists of Squeak lines is not supported
Loading a model file from a network location (unless mapped to a drive) is not supported