Midsurface Thin Solids

Extract the midsurface of thin solids. Replacing parts with midsurfaces increases speed and accuracy when running an analysis or optimization.

  1. Click on the Feasibility tab.
  2. On the Extract Face icon, click the Midsurface Thin Solid Parts tool.

  3. Select thin solids.
  4. Extract midsurfaces.
    • To extract the midsurface from all of the selected thin solids, click Midsurface on the guide bar.
    • To extract the midsurface from an individual thin solid, click a selected thin solid.

The original thin solid is hidden and deactivated. When the midsurface is created, a thickness is automatically calculated and assigned to the part, and can be viewed in the Property Editor.

Figure 1. Extracted Midsurface with Thickness Assigned in the Property Editor

Tip: Delete the midsurface and restore the original thin solid by clicking the midsurface while the Midsurface tool is active. You cannot restore a thin solid from a midsurface once the model or Inspire Form has been closed. Otherwise, select the midsurface and press Delete. Reactivate the original thin solid using View > Model Configuration.