Types of blocks



Standard blocks

The standard block set includes over 100 blocks for linear, nonlinear, continuous, discrete, time varying, and hybrid system design. These blocks are listed in subcategories under the Blocks menu and Browser windowpane. Commonly used blocks are listed in the toolbars.

OpenVision blocks

The OpenVision blocks is a set of image processing and facial recognition blocks. Using these blocks, you can create strategies to process, filter, and manipulate static and dynamic images. The OpenVision blocks are listed in subcategories under the OpenVision menu and Browser windowpane.

Fixed Point blocks

The Fixed Point blocks let you easily simulate the behavior of fixed-point algorithms prior to code generation and implementation on fixed-point hardware. You can simulate fixed-point algorithms (for example, controllers and filters) together with floating point components (for example, motors and amplifier models) to validate their behavior in a virtual system prototype.

These blocks are not available in Embed SE.

Embedded blocks

The Embedded blocks is a set of on-chip peripheral blocks that let you develop control logic and download it to a variety of embedded microcontrollers and processors from Arduino, Raspberry Pi, STMicroelectronics, and Texas Instruments.

These blocks, along with the ability to generate optimized code, are not available in Embed SE.

Compound blocks

A compound block is a block composed of one or more blocks. Compound blocks make it possible to create subsystems, where the top-level blocks display major component connectivity, leaving the underlying levels to describe the logic of each component.

Custom blocks

If your design requirements extend beyond the blocks supplied with Embed, you can use the userFunction block to create custom blocks in C, C++, Fortran, or Pascal.

Toolbox libraries

The toolbox libraries contain commonly used, but more complex, blocks for controls, delay approximation, dynamic systems, electrical, electromechanical, eDrives and systems, fixed point, hydraulics, logic, oil and gas, process, quaternion, signal generation, and thermal design. These blocks are listed under the Toolbox menu and Browser windowpane.