Source files for building a custom implicit solver

The following table lists the source files for building an implicit static solver. These files are installed in Embed-install-directory\VSOLVER and Embed-install-directory\VSDK. They contain code for building a simplified Gauss-Seidel static solver. You may find it easier to edit the files to create your own static solver. To use these files, they must remain in the directories in which they currently reside.

Source file



A Fortran or C source file for the implicit static solver. The heart of the solver is the vissimRequest() function that you call to obtain the inputs to the constraint blocks and to supply values to the outputs of the unknown blocks. Using vissimRequest(), you can write a wide variety of solvers. For more information, see Using vissimRequest() in a custom implicit solver.


A definition file with linker commands to build a DLL from object code. Windows requires that you use a definition file to link the object code.


A make file with rules for automatically building a DLL.


A C language header file with function prototypes and command definitions for the vissimRequest() function.