Maintaining an edit history

File > Diagram Information helps you keep track of important information about a diagram as it is being developed. You can list the author’s name and attach comments or an edit history to the diagram. You can also identify the diagram by a longer, more descriptive name. The name appears in File Open and File Add dialogs when you select its file name.

File > Diagram Information also maintains statistics about the diagram, including its file name, byte and block size, last modification date, and the version of Embed used to create it. Note that the Byte Size and Last Modified fields are not updated until you save the diagram.

You can add or revise diagram information for the current diagram at any time.

You can also use File > Diagram Information to apply password protection to your diagram. 

To add or view diagram information

1.    Open the diagram whose information is to be added to or viewed.

2.    Choose File > Diagram Information.

3.    Add or change information in the Title, Author, and Comment boxes. The statistical information can be viewed, but not edited.

4.    When you finish adding or viewing diagram information, click OK, or press ENTER.