Generating a report file

Embed produces a report file that documents the optimization run and lists the errors that are encountered. This report is written to VSMGRG2.TXT in the directory with your diagram.

To view the report while Embed is running, use the Monitor option. You can alternatively use any text editor to view the report after an optimization run is complete.

The report file is overwritten by each successive optimization run. To preserve a report for future viewing, save it under a new name.

When Embed terminates with

inform = 0 or inform = 1

the problem has been successfully solved. Other inform values indicate an outcome that may not be successful.

Regardless of the outcome of the optimization run, the report should be reviewed because it contains a summary of starting values and final values for variables, constraints, and the objective function for successful runs. It also contains error messages and other information that can be helpful for runs that are not successful.

.Most of the information in the report is self-explanatory, but some of the terms require understanding the Generalized Reduced Gradient (GRG) algorithm, which are described in Linear and Nonlinear Programming.