The summary summarizes the run. The minimized or maximized objective function value is given along with the termination message.

The number of simulation runs made for evaluating constraint functions and the objective function is also given as the number of function evaluations. Finally, the summary displays the time used by the run.

The termination message provides valuable information on the final results returned by Embed. The message that follows inform = 0 gives the K-T factor. This is the best indication that Embed has been successful in locating a local optimum of the problem to the desired accuracy. When the termination message is inform = 1, Embed also gives the K-T factor, which may be small enough to accept the final results. If you do not think the K-T factor is small enough, you can restart Embed from the final results, but with a smaller value of epstop. This process usually results in a smaller K-T factor. If it does not, it may indicate that a better result is not possible (due to inaccurate function values).




MINimized objective function value is 0.0621484

Termination: INFORM = 0

       Kuhn-Tucker conditions are satisfied to

       within  0.00011 for the current variable values.

       Relative change in the objective function value

       is   0.038 for the last iteration.

Number of function evaluations 19

Time used is 53.826 seconds.