Package Modelica.​Magnetic.​FluxTubes
Library for modelling of electromagnetic devices with lumped magnetic networks


This library contains components for modelling of electromagnetic devices with lumped magnetic networks. Those models are suited for both rough design of the magnetic subsystem of a device as well as for efficient dynamic simulation at system level together with neighbouring subsystems. At present, components and examples for modelling of translatory electromagnetic and electrodynamic actuators are provided. If needed, these components can be adapted to network modelling of rotational electrical machines.

User's Guide gives a short introduction to the underlying concept of magnetic flux tubes, summarizes the calculation of magnetic reluctance forces from lumped magnetic network models and lists reference literature.

Examples illustrates the usage of magnetic network models with simple models from different fields of application.

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Package Contents

BasicBasic elements of magnetic network models
ExamplesIllustration of component usage with simple models of various devices
InterfacesInterfaces of magnetic network components
MaterialMagnetisation characteristics of common soft magnetic and hard magnetic materials
SensorsSensors to measure variables in magnetic networks
ShapesReluctance and permeance elements respectively based on geometric shapes
SourcesSources of different complexity of magnetomotive force and magnetic flux
UsersGuideUser's Guide
UtilitiesPackage with utility functions