Create Mesh

When the "Meshing → Create Visibility Matrix" option is selected, the following panel is shown:

Figure 1. Meshing panel

The user may select the following:

  • Processors the number of processors used to run the simulation.
  • Advanced Parameters the contributions are previously evaluated on a parametric internal mesh of the geometry where the curved surfaces are simplified. The resolution of this mesh may be edited according to the below parameters, which are set by default with the recommended values.
    • Parametric Steps accuracy in the curvature evaluation, normalized. Decrease this parameter to get a higher precision in the parametric discretization.
    • Curvature angle (deg)maximum curvature considered on targets. It indicates the maximum curvature allowed in the input surfaces for the meshing step. Decrease this parameter to get a higher resolution mesh.
    • Angular Margin (deg) maximum deviation allowed around the curvature reference angle. The curvature discretization is achieved by an approximated iterative method, so an angular error around the previous parameter is allowed. Decrease this parameter to increase the precision in the curvature discretization.

This process may take a while (depending on the number of processors selected and the computing power of the computer running the simulation). While it is running, the status of the meshing process will be reported in the process log panel. From this panel we can abort the running meshing process, as well as save the log to a text file.