Equivalent Antenna

This option allows the user to create a reflector with a rectangular aperture area and with the size to give the selected gain. When this option is selected, or the "equivalentAntenna" command is called without parameters, the following panel will be shown:

Figure 1. Equivalent Antenna Panel
  • Frequency: Specify the antenna’s working frequency, given in the desired unit. (By default will be in GHz).
  • Gain: Indicates the antenna’s resulting gain, in dBi.
  • Simple Antenna: Creates a simple antenna with a feeding point over it.
  • Simple Monopulse: Create two rectangular reflectors for simple monopulse (only one plane) applications.
  • Full Monopulse: Create four rectangular reflectors for full monopulse (two planes) applications.
  • Feed with pattern File: Indicate the antenna feeding via .dia file (diagram). If selected, a new .dia file will be generated alongside the antenna.
Additionally, a preview of the antenna (using the current parameters of the panel) is shown in the geometry panel. This preview will be shown in green and will be updated everytime a parameter is modified in the panel.

Figure 2. Equivalent Antenna Previsualization (Simple Antenna)

Figure 3. Equivalent Antenna Visualization(Full Monopulse)